Jul 27 • 54M

Ep. 2: PARIS NATURAL WINE LIFERS - Kevin Blackwell

A chat with Paris bistrot proprietor Kevin Blackwell, who ran the cherished 9th arrondissement natural wine bistrot Autour d'Un Verre from 2003-2017.

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Aaron Ayscough
Kevin Blackwell
Natural wine culture, by Aaron Ayscough. Reporting from Paris since 2010.
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Kevin Blackwell, June 2023, pictured in my mother-in-law’s office.

My place was really laid-back, really laissez-faire. The idea was freedom of thought, movement. Also, people were talking about wine at the time. Whereas now it’s like, you go to a wine bar, and nobody talks about wine. - Kevin Blackwell

Originally from Mountain View, California, Kevin Bl…

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